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Login procedure as proxy (with electronic VAT mandate)

  1. “Digital Key”: choose the authentication method:

    • either with an eID card reader (you need your identity card, your PIN code as well as a card reader)
    • or via itsme® (you have downloaded the app itsme® on your smartphone)

  2. “Identification method”: select “in the name of a company”

    Remark: it is possible to select “In your own name”. However, only you will then have access to the acknowledgement of receipt in Intervat. The legal representative of the company (for which the returns are filed) will only be able to consult them in MyMinfin.
    Therefore, we advise you to use the authentication method “in the name of a company”, unless you wish to file a “nil” return via the accelerated method.
  3. "Context":  select “Submitting for other companies (for whom you have a power of attorney”

  4. You are logged into Intervat

    The following message appears in the Intervat header: " I am logged in as a mandatary".
  5. Select the mandate

    • You can find the various mandates in your “Dashboard”.

      liste des mandats dans le tableau de bord
    • Select the concerned mandate by clicking on the icon icône pour sélectionner le mandat correspondant. You can afterwards choose the type of return you want to file (for instance “list of clients”).

      Click on “Continue” to file the return “per screen” for the selected entity.
    • If you file “per screen”, you need to fill in the “Representative” section.

    • If you file “per file” (XML), the tags <ns2 :Representative> and </ns2 :Representative> must be present in the schema.

      Please note that XML files must only contain returns from persons liable to tax for whom you have an electronic VAT mandate.

      If the XML file contains even a single return for which you are not authorised, the entire file will be automatically rejected. You will therefore not be able to submit any return contained in this file.