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General information - Biztax

General information - Biztax

  • What service does Biztax offer?

    The possibility to complete and file your corporate income tax, non-resident income tax/companies as well as your income tax on legal entities returns (including attachments ) online.

  • Who can use Biztax?

    Biztax can be used by all persons who have to file a corporate income tax, income tax on legal entities or non-resident income tax/companies returns on behalf of a company or legal entity.

    They must have a class 3 digital certificate or an electronic identity card. In addition, they must always be able to submit a document certifying that they are authorised to file a corporate income tax, a non-resident income tax/companies as well as an income tax on legal entities return on behalf of the company.

    Biztax therefore does not require prior registration of mandates.

  • How can I become a Biztax user?

    You need a class 3 digital certificate or an electronic identity card. As for the rest, you do not need to register anywhere else.

    Biztax does not require prior registration of mandates. The usual paper mandate is sufficient (see Who can use Biztax).

  • Do I need specific software to use Biztax?

    No, you do not need any specific software to use Biztax.

  • How is the confidentiality of my return guaranteed?

    All communication between the PC and the website (the server) is encrypted (encoded). Therefore, only the sender and the recipient can read the transmitted data.

  • What is a digital signature?

    To sign with a digital signature, an asymmetric cryptographic technology is used. To do this, the person wishing to sign must have a key pair consisting of a private key (known only to the holder) and a public key (available to everyone via a kind of directory).

    A digital signature is, in short, the result of applying a complex mathematical algorithm to the data to be signed, using the private key (you are the only person who knows and has this private key). The result of this algorithm (the digital signature) is transmitted with the data to the recipient.

    The recipient can check, on the basis of the transmitted data and the digital certificate (in particular the public key), whether the data have been signed by the sender and whether the data have not been altered during the transfer.

    The recipient of the data then has then the guarantee that:

    • the sender is really who they claim to be (their identity is certified),
    • the sender has actually signed the data (they cannot claim that they are not the one who sent the document),
    • the content of the data received by the recipient is identical to the data signed and transmitted by the certificate holder.
  • What is a digital certificate?

    A digital certificate is comparable to a digital identity card, containing a limited number of data relating to its holder (the identity of the holder, the public key linked to it, the period of validity and the class of the certificate).

  • Where can I get a digital certificate?

    A digital certificate is issued by a certification authority that presents itself as an independent third party.

    Both parties using a digital certificate must have confidence in that certification authority (third party) and the procedures it uses to ensure the accuracy of the identity of the user of that certificate and its validity.

    Currently, three certification authorities comply with the defined standards for the use of digital certificates and digital signatures.

    It is also possible to use your electronic identity card. In this case, you need a card reader and software. More information

  • Can the FPS Finance itself issue a digital certificate?

    Since the FPS Finance uses digital certificates itself, it cannot assume the role of certification authority (granting digital certificates) on the one hand, and on the other hand, of user, because, in case of dispute, it cannot be both judge and party.

  • What type of digital certificate do I need to file a return via Biztax?

    There are different types (classes) of certificates.

    To be able to file a corporate income tax, a non-resident income tax/companies as well as an income tax on legal entities return via Biztax you need a class 3 certificate.

    This means that the certification authority requires you to present yourself personally at one of its contact points.

    However, you can also use the electronic signature on the electronic identity card.

  • What procedure do I have to follow to obtain a digital certificate?

    To obtain a class 3 certificate, the applicant is required to identify themselves accurately.

    A registration authority will take care of this identification.

    This means that you must go in person to the appropriate registration authority with the various documents required.

    To find out about the practical formalities involved in applying for a digital certificate, you should contact the relevant certification authority.

    All the details of the steps to be followed are described on the websites of GlobalSign and ISABEL.

  • Can a class 3 digital certificate only be used for Biztax?

    No, a class 3 digital certificate is also used within the FPS Finance, among others, for Intervat, Finprof and Belcotax-on-web.

  • Can I also use my electronic identity card ?

    Yes, you can use your electronic identity card in order to file your return.

    To do so, you need a card reader and an electronic identity card (eID).

    If you use your eID card, you opt for “authentication by electronic identity card”. More information

    A minor cannot use the eID card to sign electronically.

    When the minor reaches the age of majority, they must contact the competent municipal service in order to adapt the e-id card to this new situation.

  • Can I remain logged into the application for an indefinite period?

    As long as you remain active in the application, you will of course remain logged in. If you do not work in the application for a longer period of time (after about 15 minutes), you will be logged out via a time-out (the application will however remain open).

  • When downloading the pdf acknowledgement of receipt, I get a message about the author not being authenticated

    Such a message appears when the “GlobalSign Root CA” root certificate has not yet been imported.

    This can be remedied by accepting the signature in question in Acrobat Reader. You only have to do this once.

    Once you have done this, the authentication of the author (FPS Finance) will be confirmed automatically for all acknowledgements of receipt from the FPS Finance.

    To automatically validate this signature, please follow the steps below:

    • Place the cursor on the question mark and click with the right mouse button.
    • Then choose “signature properties”.
    • Click on “Signature properties” in the warning.
    • Click on “Show Certificates”.
    • Choose the “Trust” tab.
    • Click on “Add to trusted Identities”.

    Please close and reopen the acknowledgement of receipt.

    The question mark should be gone.

  • I have submitted my return, but I have not received an acknowledgement of receipt

    If you have not received an acknowledgement of receipt, your return has not been submitted.

    If you have any doubts, you can check the status of your return via “My returns” > “Search return”.

    If the declaration does not have the status “filed”, it has not yet been submitted.

    If the declaration has been received by the Administration, you can download the acknowledgement of receipt via “Documents of the return”. The original acknowledgement of receipt in PDF format is the only valid proof of submission.

  • How to file a corporate income tax, a non-resident income tax/companies as well as an income tax on legal entities return

    You must file a corporate income tax, non-resident income tax/companies as well as an income tax on legal entities return online (Biztax return).

  • Interruption of the provision of the service

    If the provision of service (i.e. the website or parts thereof) is not available, the FPS Finance cannot be held responsible for the consequences of such an interruption.

    The FPS Finance reserves the right to interrupt the service for any reason whatsoever, without having to justify itself, and it cannot be held liable for the consequences of this interruption.

    An interruption of the provision of service shall in no way release you from the obligation to file the tax return within the time limit set for this purpose.

  • Right to change the provision of service

    The FPS Finance reserves the right to make changes to the information, presentation and provision of service offered on the Biztax website.

    It may do so without prior notice and without being liable for any consequences.

    Biztax shall make every effort to communicate changes in advance.

  • Value of the electronic return

    A tax return filed via this website complies with the Income Tax Code 1992.