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ForReg (Foreign Registration) is an application that allows the FPS Finance to grant access to its applications to persons without a Belgian authentication method (eID, Itsme and TOTP) or eIDAS. ForReg offers those persons an alternative validation procedure that does not require them to physically come to our country.

Persons who do not have a Belgian authentication method will only be able to access the applications of the federal government after having registered at a registration office in person. Such offices can be found in a number of Belgian municipalities and at the Federal Public Service Policy and Support (FPS BOSA). After their registration, they will receive an activation code and link which they can use to activate a digital key. They can then use that digital key to access certain applications including those of the FPS Finance.

From now on, persons who do not have (and cannot obtain) a Belgian authentication method, can also use the ForReg application to access the applications of the FPS Finance.

Warning! Currently, this new athtenication method is not yet compatible with all of our online applications. So it is still too early to make an application in ForReg to authenticate in an application that is not in this list:

More applications will be added to this list in the future.

This method is only provided for users who do not have a Belgian authentication method or eIDAS and/or if the company they represent is not registered with the CBE. If this is not the case, your ForReg application will be rejected. More info on eIDAS.

If your ForReg application concerns the creation of a fiscal mandate, it will also be rejected. More info on mandates.


  1. Create a BOSA account via this link. After creating your account, you must validate your email address.
  2. Go to the application you want to access (for example Intervat or PDIE) and log in with your BOSA account.

  3. You will automatically be redirected to ForReg.
  4. Fill in the ForReg form. Warning! Currently, ForReg is not yet compatible with citizen applications. It is therefore premature to submit a ForReg request to connect as a citizen. Prove your identity in ForReg by uploading your passport or identity card along with a photo of yourself also showing the document. Also download the following documents and data :
    • Employment contract, if possible with your position (job title) within the company; 
    • Your professional e-mail address or that of your department; 
    • Professional e-mail address of the manager of the company on whose behalf you wish to act (to send the notification); 
    • A proxy proving that you can represent the company and have access to fulfil the company's tax obligations, drawn up by a director who can represent the company (person with power of representation);  
    • Extract from the trade register proving that you are the manager of the company or that you hold the legal position in the company 
    • An extract from the company's articles of association (if the document is not in one of the three national languages, you must provide an official translation into French, Dutch or German, or at least into English);  
    • The latest publication in the Belgian Official Journal (or equivalent) of the appointment of the director who drafted the proxy or for foreign companies, equivalent supporting documents (if the document is not in one of the three national languages, you must provide an official translation into French, Dutch or German or at least into English). 
  5. A staff member of the FPS Finance will deal with your application and will ask you to further verify your identity during a video interview.
  6. Once your identity is verified and validated, the status of your application will be updated in ForReg and you will get access to the requested application. In this case, after logging in with your user name and password (from your BOSA account), you will no longer be automatically redirected to ForReg, but directly to the application.