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The Intervat application allows you to file your VAT returns (or those of your clients).

As of 31 January 2024, you can no longer log into the e-services of the FPS Finance with the commercial certificates “Isabel” and “Globalsign”.

There are several alternatives to log in:

  • with a Belgian electronic identity card (eID) or with itsme®
  • with an electronic identification means from a member state of the European Union that has implemented eIDAS
  • If you do not have either of those login options, you can request access to Intervat via “ForReg”.

In addition, enterprise employees need a 'role' (access) to continue acting on behalf of that enterprise.

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  • 18.03.2024 - Maintenance online services on 21 March from 20:00 to 21:00

    On Thursday 21 March 2024 between 8 pm and no later than 9 pm, important maintenance is happening on the FAS which may cause you to experience glitches when logging on to all government online services. If you experience a problem, please try to log back in (after 9 pm).

    We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • 12.03.2024 - Change of URL address and identification screen for Intervat

    From now on, you will need to access Intervat via the following link: (you may need to change this in your bookmarks).

    Once logged into Intervat, you reach a new identification screen which directly displays your various possible profiles for:

    • icône citoyen either logging into “in your own name”
    • icône entreprise or “on behalf of a company”: your company and those for which you are an authorised representative.

    Then click on the company on whose behalf you want to proceed.

    You can only proceed in your own name (without a VAT number)?

    If there is only one available profile, you are automatically redirected to Intervat without going through this identification screen.

    Do you have to enter returns for different companies ?

    You no longer need to log off. 

    The new icon icône de déconnexion next to the CBE number of the company on whose behalf you proceed allows you to:

    • either to change profile and continue working in Intervat. Click on “Context switch” to return to the identification screen and choose another company.
    • or to log off completely (and delete linked cookies) by clicking on “Logout”.
  • 24.10.2023 - Commercial certificates “Isabel” and “Globalsign” will no longer give access to the e-services of the FPS Finance as of 31 January 2024

    From that date you will no longer be able to log in to Intervat with these certificates.