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UBO register

The UBO register is a register in which all “Ultimate Beneficial Owners” or “beneficial owners” of a company or another legal entity are registered. You can register your beneficial owners by logging into the application on the MyMinfin portal.

The law of September 18th 2017 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing and limitations to the use of cash (called thereafter “the Law”) introduces in Belgium the establishment of a register of beneficial owners (the English acronym “UBO” stands for “Ultimate Beneficial Owner”) (called thereafter “The UBO register”).

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Consulter le Registre UBO

how to register in the ubo-register?

Register in the UBO Register to comply with the law in just a few steps.

how to register?

Consulter le Registre UBO

log in to the ubo-register

Log in to the register of beneficial owners.

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