Management plan and infrastructure plan

Management plan - Horizon 2012-2017

The strategy of the FPS Finance is drawn up in a strategic multi-year plan.

In this respect, the management plan 2012-2017 is the result of an intensive preparation. For the very first time, the FPS Finance applied the integrated strategic management cycle. This cycle makes use of a planning on three levels:

  • strategically, spread over six years and yearly updated;
  • operationally, yearly, linked to the budget and staff cycle;
  • individually, yearly through the development circles.

The strategy of the FPS Finance pursues a unique purpose: guaranteeing at all times that we accomplish our mission efficiently and appropriately, by using our resources in the best way and within the set deadlines. For the next five years, we want to work within two areas: restructuring the department and continuously professionalizing the organisation.

The President and the Management Committee summarized the aims of the FPS Finance in three detailed strategic objectives:

  • increasing our efficiency and, consequently, the extent to which we accomplish our objectives;
  • improving our efficiency and, consequently, the application and productivity of our resources available;
  • improving our level of service.

From this basis, the Management Committee defined the strategy for the following years. The strategic objectives above are transversal and are implemented within each General Administration and Staff Department in a participative and structured way.

Operational plan 2014

The operational plan 2014 provides the actual conversion of the strategic management plan 2012-2017. This plan mentions, for each General Administration and Staff Department, all projects and objectives for 2014, their contexts, the anticipated realization(s) and accompanying planning.

Infrastructure plan

Previous plans

Date Title Download
26/04/2013 Operational plan 2013 Downloadable file 226 p. (PDF, 5.35 MB)
25/07/2011 Integrated management plan 2011 Downloadable file 225 p. (PDF, 2.04 MB)
15/12/2009 Integrated management plan 2010 Downloadable file 186 p. (PDF, 2.44 MB)
Version 1.2
Modernization plan 2009 Downloadable file 164 p. (PDF, 4.94 MB)