Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

  • Mission

    The implementation of the core tasks of the FPS Finance, is always revolving around the delicate balance between the rights which the law extends to citizens or companies and the obligations it imposes on them.

    Furthermore, the FPS Finance carries out various tasks in the field of taxes, finances, etc. Our core activities, which we could call our reason for existence, are expressed in our mission in order to make them clear and comprehensible for all.

    The FPS Finance is responsible for different tasks:

    • Fair and correct taxation levied in due time, which means ensuring that every taxpayer pays what he owes in a correct and fair way;
    • Optimal funding while guaranteeing the balance between the State Treasury and the outstanding debts, and the follow-up of the economic and financial requests in support of the relevant government policy;
    • Within the framework of legal transactions involving goods, helping to ensure legal certainty by maintaining the public property records;
    • Supervising flows of goods upon importation, transit and exportation in order to contribute to the organisation of the market, the economic safety, the protection of public health, the environment and the safety of people and goods;
    • Contributing to preventing and fighting all forms of fraud in all areas of society;
    • Providing policy support in the areas which are part of the “mission” of the FPS.

    The “mission” of the FPS Finance is limited to the federal government, save some specific laws on supranational and regional level, and often involves the delicate balance between the rights of citizens and companies and their obligations towards the community and the government.

  • Vision

    The Federal Public Service Finance pursues a fair and correct collection of taxes, which means ensuring that every taxpayer pays the tax he legally owes. No more and no less.

    The FPS Finance wants to rise to the challenges facing a modern administration that has to keep pace with changes in society and economy and that has to follow up the evolution of information and communication technologies.

    In line with its continuous commitment to public service, the FPS Finance applies and guarantees professionalism and rigour in its core activities. It does so, on the one hand, by developing working methods that are more efficient and more responsive to the needs of the public and, on the other, by fostering a new management culture that grants more space to the staff members and that places more responsibility on them at the same time.

    Whether or not we succeed in our task will depend on the ability to motivate our staff to pursue these quality and service objectives, particularly by constantly improving and innovating the standards of our officials.

    By fulfilling the legitimate expectations of the public, the FPS Finance hopes to build a relationship of trust with the citizens and to ensure that everyone fulfils his obligations by complying fully with the law.

  • Values


    The FPS Finance applies an integrated framework of values involving four different approaches: the persons concerned, the organisation, the individual attitude and the rules.
    Combining these perspectives results in four prominent core values: passionate (organisation), helpful (towards the persons concerned), correct (rules) and sound (attitude):


    We commit ourselves to treat everyone correctly and unprejudiced. At all times, we will take account of the laws and rules applicable and will pay sufficient attention to equality between and equal worth of citizens and colleagues. We will motivate our decisions, give preference to dialogue and trust and communicate transparently on the objectives and results which we have set.
    Both internally and externally, we will behave beyond reproach and show respect towards both citizens and colleagues.


    We are aware of our social role and pay sufficient attention to the band of trust between citizens and authorities. Therefore, we will always work righteously and loyally and will avoid all forms of corruption.
    In this respect, the “Guideline with the deontological framework” is a major point of reference for the staff members of the FPS Finance. This guideline clarifies the rules of conduct which apply to federal officials as described in the federal deontological framework. 


    We are here to serve both internal and external persons concerned and try to meet their legal needs and expectations as appropriately as possible. We are willing to listen and communicate transparently with a view to accessible service provision. We are willing to help both citizens and colleagues and are also attentive to the public’s potential new needs.


    We pursue a professional excellence and are motivated to have our public service functioning in the best possible way. We show commitment, dedication and perseverance and are open to innovation and change.  As part of our self-fulfilment, we are inquisitive and flexible, and daring to evaluate both the functioning of our organisation and ourselves with a view to favourable progress.

    In the course of 2013, these values will be converted into concrete behavioural indicators for our staff members.