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Strategy and vision for the future

The FPS Finance's main priority is the correct and efficient execution of its mission and core activities. Most of the resources are allocated to this task.

At the same time, FPS Finance continues to evolve as an organisation in order to improve its functioning and performance.

Our ambitions for 2025 are to be future-oriented and to digitalise as much as possible, to be data-driven and to offer a tailor-made service. As such, we are guided by three strategic ambitions that shape our  2022-2024 Management Contract (PDF, 986.08 KB):

  • Tailored organisation
  • A smart organisation
  • A future-oriented organisation

The FPS Finance wants to involve its partners and users (citizens, enterprises, etc.) in the realisation of these strategic ambitions. After all, initiatives relating to the provision of services naturally have an impact on our users. Other initiatives are the result of collaboration with our partners or aim to develop partnerships. In short, the involvement of our users and partners is crucial.


Our society is changing so fast that we would no longer be relevant as an organisation if we did not anticipate new lifestyles and societal progress.

That is why, at the end of 2018, the FPS Finance set up the Finnovation participation pathway. This pathway aims to make the most of the creative and innovative capacity of our employees. How? By allowing employees to contribute to thinking about the future of the FPS Finance, the challenges it faces as well as the possible solutions. In recent years, we have organised hackathons: events that allow employees to work in teams in order to find a solution to a number of concrete challenges. In 2019, one of these hackathons involved citizens and enterprises. Also in 2021, we organised a virtual hackathon to come up with ideas, together with our employees, on how to shape our  2022-2024 management contract (PDF, 986.08 KB). For a number of themes, this was also done with the participation of external partners.