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Conciliation procedure

Conciliation procedure

  • How do you lodge an application for conciliation?

    There are no formal rules for lodging an application for conciliation. You can lodge an application by telephone, e-mail, through the post or verbally.

    To speed up the processing of your application, please provide us with the following information: 

    • last name and first name, national register number of the applicant 
    • trading name of the legal entity, TVA number or company number 
    • full address, telephone number and e-mail address 
    • if necessary, the capacity of the person acting (managing director, business manager, trustee, etc.), address, telephone number and e-mail address 
    • tax year, income years, tax list item (direct tax only) 
    • any other references
  • Whom do we inform of your application for conciliation?

    We pass on details of your application and its context to the department at FPS Finance you are in dispute with. We will invite this department to take part in the conciliation discussion.

  • What effects does an application for conciliation have on statutory deadlines?

    If you lodge an application for tax conciliation, it will neither suspend or interrupt the administrative decision-making deadlines.

  • How is your application for conciliation dealt with?

    You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from us within 5 working days.

    We will let you know whether your dispute will be taken into consideration or not within 15 working days.

    During the conciliation interview, we try to bring together the points of view of the parties and, where appropriate, work out a compromise. We sum up the discussions conducted in a non-binding conciliation report, which we send to both parties. We are not able to force the parties to accept each other’s point of view. So it is up to you, as the taxpayer, to decide whether you agree with the solution proposed or not.