International financial sanctions (United Nations)

The United Nations Security Council, acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, has adopted several resolutions imposing sanctions against governments, persons or entities. These UN sanctions regimes have been transposed into European law by the European Union, making them directly applicable in Belgium. A consolidated list of United Nations Security Council sanctions is available.

The direct application of the financial sanctions imposed by the UN is of high importance as it will prevent persons or entities whose funds have been frozen in accordance with a UN sanction regime, from running off with or disposing of their funds.

For this reason, the minister of Finance will publish a Ministerial Decree each time the UN has frozen funds of one or more persons or entities in accordance with the sanction regime in the context of the fight against the financing of terrorism or the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

These Ministerial Decrees will oblige all parties concerned to immediately apply the UN freezing measures. Consequently, there will be no need to await the implementation of the freezing measures until they have been transposed into European law.

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The following list contains the Ministerial Decrees adopted in relation to freezing measures within the framework of:

The sanction regime against ISIS and Al-Qaida (Terrorism)                          

The sanction regime against North Korea (proliferation of weapons of mass destruction)

 MD of  March 4th  2016 (PDF, 47.53 KB)  MD of March 5th 2016 (PDF, 45.41 KB)
 MD of   April 1st  2016 (PDF, 43.76 KB)  MD of December 5th 2016 (PDF, 37.9 KB)
 MD of   April 25th 2016 (PDF, 34.74 KB)  MD of  June 6th  2017 (PDF, 33.45 KB)
 MD of  August 8th 2016 (PDF, 54.05 KB)  MD of   August 8th 2017 (PDF, 46.39 KB)
 MD of  December 13th 2016 (PDF, 34.3 KB)  MD of  September 12th 2017 (PDF, 36.97 KB)
 MD of  February 23th 2017 (PDF, 35.75 KB)  MD of   January 9th 2018 (PDF, 43.54 KB)
 MD of Juny 20th 2017 (PDF, 34.8 KB)  MD of April 4th 2018 (PDF, 49.85 KB)
 MD of July 7th 2017 (PDF, 52.46 KB)
 MD of July 25th 2017 (PDF, 48.74 KB)
 MD of  August 21th 2017 (PDF, 34.8 KB)
 MD of March  9th 2018 (PDF, 58.73 KB)
 MD of March  29th  2018 (PDF, 32.57 KB)
 MD of June 19th  2018 (PDF, 32.21 KB)
 MD of August 13th 2018 (PDF, 36.9 KB)
 MD of August 28th 2018 (PDF, 36.49 KB)
 MD of October 8th 2018 (PDF, 51.59 KB)
 MD of Octobre 17th 2018 (PDF, 1.56 MB)

 MD of Novembre 21th 2018 (PDF, 39.17 KB)

 MD of March 1st 2019 (PDF, 31.56 KB)

 MD of March 26th 2019 (PDF, 49.42 KB)

 MD of May 2nd 2019 (PDF, 47.6 KB)

 MD of May 15th 2019 (PDF, 202.58 KB)

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