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National financial sanctions

The Resolution 1373 of 2001 of the United Nations Security Council decides that all States shall freeze the funds and economic assets of the persons and entities who commit, or attempt to commit, terrorist acts or participate in or facilitate the commission of terrorist acts.

In addition to the Council Regulations 2580/2001 and 881/2002 as well as the Common Position 931, Belgium has taken measures in order to draw up a national list.

The  national list (XLSX, 47.96 KB) is adopted and modified by a Royal Decree adopted in implementation of the Royal Decree of December 28th 2006 as regards specific restrictive measures against some persons and entities within the framework of the fight against terrorism financing, confirmed by the Article 115 of the Law of April 25th 2007 laying down various provisions (IV).

This Royal Decree requires to freeze without any delay all funds and economic assets of the persons and entities mentioned in the national list and forbids to put, directly or not, funds and economic assets at disposal of these persons and entities. Finally, financial institutions as well as other organisations and persons must forward every information as regards the implementation of the Decree, including information about bank accounts and other assets and economic resources of the aforementioned decree, to the General Administration of Treasury.

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