Legal Expertise (Operational & Support Expertise)

Structure of the department


The Legal Expertise Department of the General Administration of Treasury is in charge of:


1. Advice

  • To give advice on financial regulations to the various operational departments of the Treasury, to the Direction as well as to the cabinet of the Minister of Finance.
  • To answer specific questions from operational departments of the General Administration of Treasury, the Direction, the members of Parliament, the citizens, the professional organisations as well as these from the cabinet of the Minister as regards the application of legislative texts in financial matters.
  • To take part in the government’s actions by drawing up advice allowing to pertinently advise the Minister and his/her cabinet as regards the applicability of financial law but also by submitting proposals of amendment of the regulations. And all this by taking into account the general interest.
  • To analyse the regulations, to draw up opinions and to make recommendations as regards the interpretation and the application of legislative texts as regards the financial law in order to guarantee an uniform interpretation of texts and to allow the various parties to take decisions pursuant to the texts in force.

2. Regulations

  • To take part in the process of establishing and drawing up the financial laws as well as in the talks about European directives.
  • To take part in conceiving, drawing up and adapting the legislative texts for national law (bills, Royal and Ministerial Decrees and administrative circulars) as well as for the international and European law in matters of financial legislation, according to the political objectives, the socio-economic context and the national, international and European framework.
  • To take part in the talks about regulations and European directives in matters of financial law, in order to promote the adoption of optimal and coherent standards and to stand up for Belgian opinions within the various organisations.

3. Management of the knowledge

  • To keep continuously up to date with the developments as regards the financial regulations in order to provide knowledgeable advice.

4. Management of the litigation cases

  • To manage questions and matters at issue from the operational departments of the General Administration of Treasury. On this account, the department deals with lawyers within the framework of the follow-up and the management of the litigation cases.