Operational & Support Expertise

This department is supervised by the general Administrator of the Treasury and provides specific support as regards legal matters and financial strategy. 

Head of Department: Gaetan Wauthier

Activities and subdivisions

The department is divided into three main sections:
  1. Regulation and Contentious matters (Legal department)
  2. Legal advice (Legal department)
  3. Strategic advice as regards financial matters (Strategic department) 

Regulation and Contentious matters

  • Taking part in the process of developing and drawing up national financial law according to the objectives determined by the government, the socio-economic context and the international and European framework.
  • Taking part in the process of developing the European financial law (regulations and directives), standing up for Belgian opinions within the framework of these negotiations and ensuring that this law will be transposed into Belgian law.  
  • Managing the litigation cases and cases as regards the contentious matters and, if need be, with the appointed lawyers in this regard. 

Legal advice

  • Giving advice on financial regulations to the various operational departments of the Treasury, to the Management as well as to the cabinet of the Minister of Finance.
  • Taking part in government’s actions by preparing studies and by drawing up recommendations for the attention of the Minister and his/her cabinet as regards the financial regulation.
  • Replying to specific questions of members of Parliament, the citizens, other FPS and professional organisations.
  • Ensuring the management of the knowledge, keeping itself informed of the changes in financial regulations and organising internal trainings in finance law. 

Strategic advice in financial matters                                                                                     

  • Analysing trends and changes of the financial sector as well as the financial impact of the policies determined in financial matters
  • Managing the financial risks of the State
  • Taking part in government’s operations by preparing studies and by drawing up recommendations for the attention of the Minister in order to support innovation and strategic changes in financial matters
  • Taking part in the implementation of selected strategic projects by managing the organisation and the coordination of various multidisciplinary working groups comprised of experts of the financial sector (public-private)

Matters handled by the legal department and the strategic department

  • Regulation of financial markets and services
  • The budget regulation and public finances
  • Alternative institutional collective investment organisations (institutional OPCA - alternative collective investment agencies - institutional SIC - debt investment companies -  FIIS - specialised real estate investment funds.)
  • Activities of the Royal Mint of Belgium
  • Activities of the Deposit and Consignment Office (including the dormant assets and the dematerialisation of bearer securities)
  • Guarantee Funds (protection of deposits), protection of the investors (FIF) and the Bank Resolution Funds
  • State guarantees (including those granted during the financial crisis) and State aids
  • Coordination at the Belgian level for the European regulations and directives in financial matters to be transposed
  • Fight against the money laundering, the terrorist financing, financial sanctions (frozen assets and embargoes)
  • Fintechs , crypto-assets, crowdfunding, sustainable finance, digital payments, factoring, economy financing