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Customs and Excise

For customs and excise related questions or technical questions about the integrated customs systems we invite you to contact the General Administration of Customs and Excise)


Tax Mediation Department

In case of an enduring disagreement with a department of the FPS Finance we invite you to contact the:

Tax Mediation Department
Koning Albert II laan / Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 33 PO box 46
1030 Brussels / Bruxelles  (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 (0)257 623 60
Fax: +32 (0)257 980 57 (Dutch) 

Maintenance Claims Department

For problems with the payment of maintenance allowance:

Maintenance Claims Department (DAVO/SECAL)
Koning Albert II laan  / Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 33 PO box 46
1030 Brussels / Bruxelles (Belgium)
Tel.: 0800 12 302 (free of charge)
Fax: +32 (0)257 980 57







You represent:

  • an international organisation
  • an embassy
  • an international partner

Koning Albert II laan / Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 33 PO box 22
1030 Brussels / Bruxelles - Belgium 


Francis Adyns
Dutch-speaking spokesperson
+32(0) 4707 622 44 
+32(0) 257 622 44

Florence Angelici 
French-speaking spokesperson
+32(0) 4707 757 28 
+32(0) 257 757 28


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