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Authorisation for entry in the declarant's records

An authorisation for Entry in the Declarant’s Records (EiDR) enables the submission of a customs declaration using an entry in your own records. Subsequently, a supplementary declaration will be submitted.

  • Advantages

    • Faster handling through simplification as an entry of goods in the declarant’s own stock records is sufficient. Subsequently, an additional declaration will be submitted per transaction. Under certain conditions only a single global periodic customs declaration is required to declare all transactions.
    • Fewer delays of your logistic trade flows: long waiting times at the customs office are avoided and logistic activities can continue outside of regular office hours.
    • If you’ve been granted exemption from the obligation of notification of the availability of the goods for customs controls, the amount of delays is reduced even further. This additional advantage can only be obtained upon request.
    • Cost price: 0 Euro.
  • Target group

    • Companies that carry out a high number of import and/or export activities ;
    • Companies that need to move goods outside of office hours ;
    • Customs brokers ;
    • Freight forwarders ;
    • Terminal operators.
  • Basic conditions

    • meeting the “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) status criteria ;
    • granting the customs authorities access to the declaration data in your electronic system, at their request.
  • Exemption of notification

    An exemption of notification can be obtained upon request, subject to compliance with the following conditions:
    • having obtained AEO-C status ;
    • customs authorities are aware of the nature and flow of the goods, and believe the exemption is justified ;
    • customs authorities have access to all information necessary for controls (integrated customs management system) ;
    • the goods are not subject to prohibitions or restrictions (exceptions are possible) however, in specific situations, the presentation of the goods (and submission of a notification) may still be requested.

    An authorisation for EiDR initially still requires the submission of notifications, unless an exemption of this obligation has been granted.