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Recognized training programmes

Pre-notification of the application for customs training recognition

The new customs legislation (UCC), in force since 1 May 2016, includes an additional criterion for the granting of an AEO-C authorisation, i.e. the practical professional competence or qualifications. A similar criterion is also included in the General Law on Customs and Excise  (GLCE) with regard to the profession of customs representative. One way of demonstrating compliance with this criterion is by attending a training programme recognized by the customs administration.

The competences, level and learning objectives for these programmes are included in the "EU Customs Training Curriculum for the Private Sector" and more specifically the operational competences (see website European Commission). The minimum level required for the training to fully meet the criterion is PL (Proficiency Level) 2. However, in specific situations, level 1 can be taken into account as a minimum level. Moreover, the individual business situation may mean that not all areas of competence should be known, i.e. depending on the activities or flows of goods, all or only some of the areas of competence should be known. This should make it possible for both total and modular training programmes to be recognized.

At the request of the private sector, the General Administration of Customs and Excise (GAC&E) in Belgium wishes to recognize specific training programmes to this end. A recognition process and an official application procedure are being developed for this purpose and will be published at a later date.

In order to make an estimate of the potential of eligible training programmes in the short term, the GAC&E is inviting all training providers who wish to have their customs training recognized, to identify themselves in advance by e-mail. To this end, an e-mail should be sent with the subject "Pre-notification of the application for customs training recognition" with the name of the training and a very short description, to the following address: