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Authorisation for approved place


An approved place is a place which has been designated and recognized in advance by the customs authorities where the goods can be presented. Non-Union goods upon entry, as well as Union goods which are part of an export declaration, can be presented there instead of at the customs office. In practice, economic operators can apply for an authorisation for import as well as export (LUP), but also an authorisation exclusively for the presentation of Union goods for export purposes (LP).

  • Advantages

    • Faster handling and fewer delays in your logistic trade flows within the EU.
    • Simplification of the logistic process: avoidance of an extra stop.
    • Time and cost savings.
    • Cost price: 0 Euro.
  • Target group

    • Companies in need of a place of loading and/or unloading ;
    • Terminal operators ;
    • Freight forwarders.
  • Basic conditions

    • being established within the customs territory of the Union ;
    • providing the necessary assurances of the proper conduct of the procedure ;
    • providing a guarantee (not necessary for LP) ;
    • declaring goods for a customs procedure at the latest on the day following the day the goods are presented.

    Customs supervision must be possible at all times and any accompanying administrative measures must be in proportion to the economic needs.
  • Period

    The period of storage of goods in an approved place (at import) is limited, as the goods must already be declared for a customs procedure the following day. If the goods are to be stored for a longer period, other authorisations are needed, such as the Temporary Storage Facility or Customs warehousing (CW) authorisations.
  • Points of particular attention

    • There is no obligation to hold authorisations for CW or Temporary Storage Facility ;
    • The approved place must be managed exclusively by the holder of the authorisation ;
    • Retail trade in an approved place is prohibited.