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Authorisation for transit authorised consignor

This authorisation allows the placement or consignment of goods from your commercial space or other places designated for this purpose under the “Transit” customs procedure (union or common transit) without needing to present the goods at the competent office of the customs authorities. Under the Union external transit procedure, non-Union goods may be moved from one point to another of the Union customs territory, without being subject to import duties and other taxes or to commercial policy measures. Under the Union internal transit procedure, Union goods may be moved from one point to another of the Union, and pass through the territory of a non-EU country, without any change in
their customs status. The international Common Transit Convention allows goods to move across and to the territory of non-Union countries that are party to this agreement.
  • Advantages

    • Cost and time savings as the goods do not have to be presented to the competent office of the customs authorities.
    • Self-issuance of the necessary documents and, if necessary, sealing (unless dispensation from sealing).
    • Multiple locations may be included in the authorisation.
    • Cost price: 0 Euro.
  • Target group

    • Exporters/ importers ;
    • Customs warehouse, inward processing, etc., authorisation holders ;
    • Customs brokers.
  • Basic conditions

    • being established within the customs territory of the Union ;
    • submitting an application for the authorized consignor status to the authorised customs authority in the Member State in which the applicant’s Union transit will normally start ;
    • providing a comprehensive guarantee or having obtained the guarantee waiver ;
    • having a NCTS connection (to be able to declare the transit electronically) ;
    • applying identification measures (sealing, unless the application has received a dispensation) ;
    • declaring the regular consignment of goods under the transit procedure ;
    • keeping adequate records ;

    Customs supervision must be possible at all times.
  • Period

    The competent customs office of departure shall determine the period within which the transit comes to an end.
  • Points of particular attention

    • The consignment must be sealed by the authorized consignor in accordance with specific provisions (mentioning the number and the characteristics of the seal) and prior to its release ;
    • The transit departure shall be subject to the approval of the customs authorities, in case of control, or the expiry of the waiting period.