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Binding Tariff information

A Binding Tariff Information (BTI) provides you, an economic operator, with a decision on the commodity code that will be applied by the customs authority to the goods that you want import or export. The code is based on the Combined Nomenclature (CN) as laid down by the EU, or another nomenclature of goods based on it. The decision is laid down in writing in the BTI.

  • Advantages

    • Faster handling and fewer delays in your logistic trade flows within the EU.
    • Certainty that the commodity code will be applied.
    • Correct collection of the amount of duties.
    • Certainty that the economic operator complies with the legislation and regulations.
    • Valid in all EU Member States.
    • Cost price: 0 Euro.
  • Target group

    • Companies carrying out import and/or export activities.
  • Basic conditions

    • Having an EORI number is compulsory ;
    • the application :
    1. must be submitted in writing and in sufficient detail ;
    2. must refer to an actual intended import/export movement ;
    3. must be submitted to the customs authority in your member State of establishment
    4. or in which the import/export will take place.
  • Period

    A BTI decision is valid for 3 years.
  • Points of particular attention

    • The declared goods must correspond to the good described in the BTI ;
    • The decision is binding upon the customs authorities and the holder ;
    • The decision relates to only one type of goods ;
    • Additional applications have to be filed for every type of good ;
    • The use of the BTI is compulsory and must be mentioned in the customs declaration of the goods covered by the BTI.