As the United Kingdom (UK) is soon leaving the European Union’s (EU) internal market, the EORI number GB will no longer be valid in order to carry out customs activities in the EU.

In order to allow you to continue to fulfil your customs formalities in the EU immediately after the end of the transition period, the General Administration of Customs and Excise advises you to submit a request for a Belgian EORI number via the enclosed form.

Important note: Where registration is required, according to the European Commission's EORI guidance document, economic operators not established in the customs territory of the Union must be registered by the customs authorities responsible for the place where they first lodge a declaration or apply for a decision.

If Belgium is the Member State where you first lodge a customs declaration or apply for a customs decision, we ask you to return this form duly completed and signed by e-mail at the address EORI.be@minfin.fed.be, with the following subject line: “BREXIT – Current EORI number GB…………”.

Your new EORI number thus allocated will be valid throughout the EU. The VAT numbers linked to your current EORI number GB can also be linked to your new EORI number.

If no customs declaration has been made before 1 February 2021, the Belgian Customs administration does not consider Belgium to be the first Member State where the operator intends to lodge a customs declaration or apply for a customs decision. The EORI-number will be hence be deleted ex officio to avoid any double entries of operators. If you do not intend to lodge any customs declarations in Belgium in January 2021, we advise you to wait with acquiring an EORI-number or consider to register an EORI-number in another Member State if you intend to lodge the first declaration there or wish to aquire a first customs decision.

As a reminder, an economic operator can only obtain one EORI number valid throughout the EU. Therefore, your EORI number issued by Belgium will only be activated after the UK leaves the EU. In addition, by returning the enclosed form, your company certifies that it does not submit another request for an EORI number in a Member State other than Belgium.