License ET 14000: shifting of vat to the periodic vat return

With the  ET 14000 license (PDF, 577.27 KB), the payment of the VAT at import is shifted to the periodic VAT return. This means that you do not have to pre-finance VAT at customs when goods are imported.

We advise you NOT to open this file via your web browser, instead you should download this file and open it via Adobe Reader, in order to avoid issues.

 Formulaire de demande représentant global (PDF, 140.12 KB)
 Formulaire de demande assujetti individuel (PDF, 542.13 KB)

 Aanvraagformulier globaal vertegenwoordiger (PDF, 75.34 KB)
 Aanvraagformulier individueel belastingplichtige (PDF, 972.43 KB)