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CTCP assessed positively by participants

The survey, which we launched at the end of December 2021, was aimed at staff members of the Large Enterprises Administration, (participating) large enterprises and staff members of advisory firms working for these large enterprises.

 Results and next steps (PDF, 277.39 KB)

To sum up:

  • Those who participate in the CTCP indicate that they are well informed. However, those who do not yet participate in the CTCP, which in the survey are mainly staff members of the Large Enterprises Administration itself, are much less informed. Therefore, additional communication would certainly be helpful.
  • This distinction is also reflected in the respondents' general impression of the CTCP. Those who already participate in the CTCP have a rather positive impression of it. Those who do not yet participate are more reticent. You have to experience it to appreciate it.
  • The companies show a better appreciation of the principles of the CTCP and its added value. Within the Large Enterprises Administration, this is only slightly above average. However, the fact that not all internal respondents are already active in the CTCP and therefore have less hands-on experience with it plays a role in this.
  • All respondents indicated that the CTCP does indeed meet the set expectations. This approach, therefore, lives up to its promises. This is still a very early stage and such an approach only shows its true added value after a company has been in it for a few years.
  • Respondents associate concepts such as 'cooperation', 'trust', 'transparency', 'legal certainty' and 'compliance' with the CTCP. This is a confirmation that the objectives of the CTCP are being fulfilled.
  • But it is important to recognize the workload associated with this process. Both internally and by the companies, this is cited as the main stumbling block. The learning curve has been steep for our staff members and we continue to invest to improve. It must be said, of course, that such a journey requires an initial investment, but it allows us to offer more and faster legal certainty.