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Open data patrimony

The General Administration of Patrimonial Documentation (AGDP) wants to be a pioneer in the field of open data. That’s why it already publishes many open datasets concerning the Belgian patrimony. But it has also drafted an “open data” strategy in order to:

  • distribute even more open datasets over the next few years;
  • ensure easy access to these datasets by distributing them through special data portals.

What exactly are open data?

Open data are data, for instance collected by the government, that are freely available. People should be able to find these open data easily and reuse them (automatically or not). Therefore, no unnecessary restrictions or conditions may be imposed.

The AGDP also has a lot of data: it holds a wealth of information on both immovable and movable property. A wealth of information that will gradually be made more and more open in the coming years.

Why does the general administration of patrimonial documentation want to open up its data?

Opening up government data is the best way to provide citizens, businesses and third-party administrations with the information they want. They will be able to use it, add value to it, and also detect errors in it. In this way, the opening of data is a vector of :

  • Democratic participation;
  • Democratic control;
  • Economic innovation and creation;
  • Improvement of quality of data managed by administrations

It therefore benefits the whole of Belgian society.