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Frequently asked questions about technical issues

  • What if the application is unavailable?

    The FPS Finance puts every effort into ensuring that CadGIS Viewers are always accessible. However, the application may be temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. To the extent possible, we try to inform users as much as possible in advance, by means of a notification in the application itself and on the MyMinfin welcome page.

    If the application is not available and you do not find a notification on the welcome page, we recommend you try opening the application in another web browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Edge browsers are most suitable. If the application is still not available after repeated attempts, please let us know via the contact form in MyMinfin.

  • What if the application does not work in my default browser, but does in another?

    In most cases, it is enough to completely clear the navigation history of the browser and try again.

    How do I clear the navigation history of my browser?

    This differs depending on whether you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You should also close all tabs before trying again.

    If the error message does not go away, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form in MyMinfin.

    What is causing this problem?

    If you use the Viewer during IT maintenance or in case of technical issues, an error message will appear on your screen. At times, this error message is saved in the history of your browser. You will then erroneously get the same error message on the next attempt, even if maintenance has already been completed.

    Similarly, when we launch a new version, data linked to the previous version may still be left in the memory of the browser, preventing the application from working properly.

  • Which browser should I use to access CadGIS Viewer?

    CadGIS runs in Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Edge browsers, but is currently optimised for Google Chrome.

    Unlike the previous version, CadGIS is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer (it does not support the Javascript technology used by CadGIS).

  • How do I notify technical issues with CadGIS Viewer?

    You can notify the issue by clicking the button ‘Ask a question’ in MyMinfin under the category ‘Consult my immovable property data’ (‘My property’ tab):

    button ‘Ask a question’

    Note: Use this contact form only for CadGIS Viewer-related problems and issues affecting the representation of your property on the map.

    Do you have another question? Navigate to the appropriate tab and click ‘Ask a question’ under the appropriate subcategory. For example: you can ask questions related to the registration of your lease under the ‘Consult my leases’ subcategory.

    Each subcategory has its own contact form with specific selection options. These options provide us with the necessary information to answer your question. By using the right contact form, your question will also immediately reach the appropriate department.

    MyMinfin is not working? In that case, you can also send an email to