What is the Bulletin of Documentation ?

Documentatieblad - Bulletin de Documentation

  • Where does the Bulletin de Documentation – Documentatieblad (Bulletin of Documentation) stand for ?

    The Bulletin of Documentation is a quarterly publication intended initially for the civil servants of the finance department, but now it is more widely distributed.


    • Current economic and financial events; 
    • Scientific publications in the field of the professional specialities of the FPS Finance civil servants of the finance department; 
    • Results of studies and personal research in the professional and scientific domain;
    • Opinions and reports of the High Council of Finance.


    The Bulletin of Documentation wants to raise reactions as well as a dialogue between civil servants and academics. The authors, belonging to the department or not, can express their opinions freely, provided that they respect the deontology and that they reckon with the human dignity.

    Author’s responsibility

    The contributions (even if they are not signed) appearing in the Bulletin are published under the responsibility of the author. The texts cannot be regarded as the official point of view of the Administration or of its Minister.


    Papers and articles are published either in Dutch, French or English. All abstracts are in English.

  • How to obtain the "Bulletin de documentation/Documentatieblad"

    Two versions of the journal are printed:

    • Documentatieblad (cover in Dutch) and
    • Bulletin de Documentation (cover in French)

    Although most articles are not translated, some authors do submit translations. So "Documentatieblad" contains more articles in Dutch and "Bulletin de Documentation" more in French.

    The "Bulletin de documentation/Documentatieblad" is available:

    Subscribers  will receive a general survey of the Central Library of the FPS Finance's new acquisitions on a regular basis.