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Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

On 31 December 2013, the CEB held a subscribed capital of 5,472 billion Euros (divided over 41 Member States). The Belgian participation amounts to 3.003%.

The CEB represents a major instrument of the policy of solidarity in Europe. In order to help its 41 Member States achieve sustainable and equitable growth, it participates in financing social projects, responds to emergency situations and, in so doing, contributes to improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged population groups.

The CEB grant loans to its 41 Member States in order to finance projects according to a certain number of sectorial, geographic, social and financial criteria defines in the Bank's Articles of Agreement and its policy for loan and project financing.

Belgium is one of the eight founding Member States of the Bank in 1956.


Role of the Administration of International and European Financial Affairs

Belgium’s representatives in the CEB are Mr Dirk VAN EECKHOUT, Extraordinary Ambassador and Mandatory, Permanent Representative of Belgium to the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (Council of Directors) and the IEFA Administrator (Board of Directors).