Attention, please make an appointment to go to any of our offices.

Phishing attempt: fraudulent text messages on behalf of the FPS Finance are in circulation


The FPS Finance is sending out a warning for fraudulent text messages that have been circulating recently and in which the recipient is asked to pay off a so-called debt to the FPS Finance.

You should never pay attention to this kind of messages! The FPS Finance will never ask you to make a payment by text message!

A payment to the FPS Finance can only be made in the following ways:

  1. online via MyMinfin
  2. by transfer to one of our official accounts with the following structure BEXX 6792 XXXX XXXX
  3. in one of our Info centres

Do you want to check whether you have a debt to the FPS Finance? Visit MyMinfin (external link) > My payments