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Today, the Customs Community around the world celebrates the International Customs Day.


On this occasion, in the presence of the Secretary Van Overvelt and Mr Mikuriya, Secretary-General of the World Customs Organisation, the Manneken Pis will receive the uniform of C&EGA Revenue Expert in order to replace the outfit of Customs Corporal which it received in 1951.  

Then, 10 collaborators were awarded by Kristian Vanderwaeren, General Administrator of C&EGA, in recognition of their extraordinary service and zeal. 

The International Customs Day (ICD) is an initiative of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) which is both the representative and the spokesperson of the international Customs community.   

January 26 is a celebration day for every officer from Customs and Excises.  Today is an opportunity to thank Custom officers for their daily contribution in various fields relating to finance, economy and security, with the aim : 

  • to protect citizens ;
  • to protect the community against the unfair and illegal trade ;
  • to fight against counterfeit ;
  • to reinforce the competitiveness of European companies ;
  • to collect customs taxes and imports VAT ;
  • to collect excise duties.

It is also a tribute to Customs officers who worked hard to secure the safety of our citizens after the March 2016 attacks.