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Commemorative coin celebrating 75 years of women's suffrage: Interview with designer Iris Bruijns - 25/10/2023

On 25 October 2023, the Royal Mint of Belgium unveiled a 2-euro commemorative coin celebrating 75 years of women's suffrage, designed by Iris Bruijns. The simple design showing a Venus symbol as a ballot check box and a pencil, symbolises the right to vote.

In an exclusive interview, Iris Bruijns, the designer, highlights her desire to pay tribute to the struggle for the emancipation of women. As a female designer, she feels pride in conveying a clear message and appreciates the freedom to follow her own feelings and direction. The conversation highlights the dedication behind the design of commemorative coins and emphasises the ongoing relevance of gender equality and women's rights. The commemorative coin will undoubtedly become an eternal reminder of this historic milestone.

Coin presentation of the unique 2-euro commemorative Art Nouveau coin - 28/06/2023

During the coin presentation on Tuesday 20 June, the unique 2-euro commemorative coin was unveiled, entirely dedicated to the Art Nouveau year in Belgium.  This collector's item very elegantly commemorates Belgium's precious Art Nouveau art movement, which already celebrates 130 years!

The presentation was held at Eetvelde House, which was no coincidence. The house was designed by Victor Horta, one of the founders of the Art Nouveau art movement. This movement was born in the heart of Brussels!

The coin shows a facade detail of Victor Horta's House of Eetvelde with 'ART NOUVEAU' written above it. The design shows the asymmetry that was typical of this art movement, as well as the link to nature through the elegant lines. With some imagination, an Iris flower can be identified, suggesting a visible link to designer Iris Bruijns.

The 2023 annual programme of the Royal Mint of Belgium has been announced and has got off to a banging start with the pure gold tribute to queen Mathilde's 50th birthday! - 19/01/2023

We proudly present the 2023 annual programme of the Royal Mint of Belgium. The role of the RMB is to carefully choose the themes of these coins and this is exactly what has been done for the upcoming year 2023. 2023 promises to be a year of diverse and surprising commemorations. In fact, Belgium has a number of specific celebrations this year. The theme of the 2-euro commemorative coin will be officially announced later, but it should be looked for in the direction of the arts. However, there is much more to celebrate! For example, there is the Cycling Experience in Belgium and the Belgian festival culture, the 2023 FDC set dedicated to the city of Eupen and, of course, the Proof set Belgium. The first coins will become available in the coming weeks. More information on the 2023 annual programme can be found here.

Belgium's first commemorative coin of 2023, a  golden 12 ½ euro coin, is entirely dedicated to Queen Mathilde's 50th birthday.

The gold coin is a tribute to Queen Mathilde celebrating birthday: it does not show on her, but Queen Mathilde is blowing out 50 candles today!

Only one official Belgian coin has been released for our queen's 50th birthday and that is the one issued by the Royal Mint of Belgium. The new coin, which has been created in close cooperation with the royal family and the queen, is only available at is external). It is struck in the purest gold and in the very highest Proof quality.

Giovanni Van de Velde is the new Mint Master - 03/11/2022

Following the retirement of Ingrid Van Herzele, a new Mint Master has been appointed as from August 1st 2022. His name? Giovanni Van de Velde.

For the past five years, he has been the assistant to the Mint Master and has been responsible for coordinating the Royal Mint of Belgium's sets of specifications and contacts with our stakeholders.

The title of Mint Master also comes with a privy mark.  "A flower has been put in the foreground of my privy mark, Giovanni Van de Velde says. Not just any flower, but an aster. Since 2021, my son Aster has been at the centre of my life. Aster Van de Velde, a flower in the meadow. Behind the aster is an Erlenmeyer flask, a symbol of chemistry, which shows the importance of science in our society today."

The new privy mark will appear on Belgium's new euro coins as from 2023.

Issuances of the official assortment 2022 by the Royal Mint of Belgium - 31/03/2022 

The issuances of the official assortment by the Royal Mint of Belgium and available on is external) in 2022 are known.

The reverse side of silver and gold coins will bear the portrait of King Philippe. The other collector coins will retain the traditional reverse side.

The Royal Mint of Belgium has unveiled the themes of its commemorative €2 coins for the year 2022 - 23/03/2022

The Royal Mint of Belgium (RMB) has unveiled the themes of the two commemorative €2 coins that will be minted in 2022.

One of the two coins will be issued in honour of the healthcare personnel who showed exceptional commitment during the coronavirus crisis. The other coin will be issued to mark the 35th anniversary of the student exchange programme "Erasmus".

More detailed information about the issue of the two coins will be communicated in the upcoming weeks.

New contracts for the production and destruction of circulation coins - 05/01/2022

Since 2018, the Royal Mint of Belgium (RMB) has outsourced the production and destruction of circulation coins, and the exploitation of commemorative and collectible coins and medals. This threefold contract was then awarded to the Royal Dutch Mint. Due to the expiring contract, the RMB started looking for new partners for these assignments.

Today we can officially announce that the contract for the production of circulation coins for the next 4 years (2022-2025) has been awarded to the Royal Dutch Mint. Through the award of a concession, the destruction of coins for the period 2022-2025 has been assigned to 'Monea Coin Technology' from Slovakia.

The exploitation of commemorative and collectible coins and medals was assigned to the Royal Dutch Mint after the signing of a licence agreement until 31/12/2025.

New: Gold and Silver analyses

Since April 2021, you can contact the Assay Office of the Royal Mint of Belgium for gold and silver analyses.

For more information and specific procedure, please contact us via sends e-mail) or on 02 572 57 57

Caution: Misleading information about Belgian coins

Through websites or other channels, medals and collector coins are offered for sale that are not official Belgian issues. Some of the texts on those websites and others often contain misleading information from which you could wrongly deduce that they are official Belgian commemorative or collector coins or medals.

All official Belgian coins bear the mintmaster's mark of Mintdirector Ingrid Van Herzele.

We would therefore like to emphasize that coins that do not bear this mintdirector's mark are not official Belgian coins

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