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Paying your taxes or other debts to the FPS Finance

Paying my taxes or other debts to the FPS Finance

  • Am I entitled to a tax refund or do I have to pay additional tax?

    You have not yet received your tax assessment notice (tax calculation note), but would like to know now whether you should expect to pay additional tax or receive a tax refund?

    At the moment, two of our tools can help you find out:

    • If you have been sent a proposed simplified return from us or if you use Tax-on-web to submit your tax return, you can immediately get an estimate of the amount of your tax.
    • You can also obtain this estimate anonymously through Tax-Calc.

    However, you will only find the final amount you will have to pay or to be refunded in your favour in your tax assessment notice.

  • How can I pay?

    Do it in an easy way - pay online via MyMinfin. You will pay automatically on the correct bank account number, with the correct specific reference.

    Pay online with

    A word of advice? Scan the QR code and pay even faster!

    Please note that if the amount involved is high, the transaction may be declined due to a payment limit imposed by your bank. The exact amount of this limit varies from bank to bank. To prevent this from happening, ask your bank to raise your online payment limit.

    Other means of payment

    You can also pay:

    • by bank transfer with the correct specific reference on the bank account number indicated on the tax assessment notice (also called “tax calculation” or “calculation note”), the payment advice or the reminder,
    • to the bailiffs when we have initiated proceedings (warning: there are additional costs in this case).

    Warning:You can no longer pay in cash or with a cheque. We do not accept foreign cheques either. You do not live in Belgium and do not have access to MyMinfin? In that case, we advise you to pay by a free SEPA bank transfer.

  • Which specific reference do I have to use?

    Always use the specific reference you will find on your tax assessment notice, the payment advice or the reminder. We can then process your payment automatically and quickly update your situation. 

    You can also easily pay online via This way you automatically use the right specific reference.

    Pay online with

  • Do I have debts to the FPS Finance?

    Would you like to know if you have any outstanding debts to the FPS Finance? Consult your personal file in MyMinfin. 

    Check the overview of all your debts and/or refunds through

  • How can I obtain a certificate proving that I have no debts or a debt overview certificate?

    Via MyMinfin

    Generate the certificate ("Attestation générale") online, so that you have it immediately.

    Download your debt overview certificate

    Via our infocenters

    You do not have access to MyMinfin? Send us a post mail to one of our infocenters. Do not forget to mention your national number in your mail.

  • What is the validity period of a debt overview certificate?

    The debt overview certificate is a snapshot that bears the date on which it has been drawn up. The organisation to which you give the certificate will then have to decide whether it can still accept it.

  • I have been contacted by the FPS Finance: how can I be sure that it was not an attempted fraud?