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Certificate of non-ownership

certificate of non-ownership proves that you do not own a house or other immovable property. This is often a condition for benefiting from social services (such as social housing or allowances).

Requesting a certificate of non-ownership

  • How can I obtain a certificate of non-ownership?

    For your convenience, create your certificate of non-ownership on-line via It is the easiest and quickest way to get your certificate. 

    Request your certificate of non-ownership via

    How do you download your certificate of non-ownership?

    1. Click the button above and log in to MyMinfin.
    2. Click 'Submitting a request for a certificate of non-ownership' (or 'Aanvraag indienen voor een attest van niet-eigendom' in the Dutch version of MyMinfin, 'Demander une attestation de non-propriété' in the French version or 'Eine Bescheinigung über das Nichteigentum beantragen' in the German version).
    3. From the list, choose the language in which you wish to receive the certificate and click 'Confirm' (or 'Bevestigen' in the Dutch version of MyMinfin, 'Confirmer' in the French version or 'Bestätigen' in the German version).
    4. Within a few hours, you will be able to download the certificate from the 'My documents' section.
  • How can I obtain a certificate of non-ownership if I do not have access to MyMinfin?

    You need a certificate of non-ownership, but you are unable to log in to MyMinfin to download it quickly yourself?

    Call our contact centre on 02 572 57 57 (every working day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., normal rate) and have your national registration number ready. We will then send you a copy by post. This may take several days.

  • Does the certificate of non-ownership also apply to my partner?

    No, a certificate of non-ownership applies only to yourself. If your partner also needs a certificate, you must each download a certificate or request a certificate individually.