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Filing the non-resident tax return online

  • Possible from mid-September 2022 until 25 November 2022. Don't wait to receive your paper return form!
  • Benefit from online help and detection of common errors.
  • Get an immediate estimate of the tax amount you owe.

Access without authentication Access with authentication
  • Via your national number or your bis number
  • Your data is not pre-filled

Access without authentication

Step-by-step explanations

  • Via a secure means of authentication
  • Your data is partly pre-filled
  • Possibility to correct (once) the return after sending
  • Access to your entire tax file (MyMinfin)
Access with authentication

How to log into MyMinfin?

Frequently asked questions - online non-resident tax return

  • I am trying to get access to the return, but I get a message saying that I am not a non-resident. What can I do?

    It may happen that you are not recognised - wrongly - as a non-resident. In this case, contact the competent office: Office Guide > "International" > "Déclaration/return form" > "Déclaration impôt des non-résidents/non-resident tax return – personnes physiques/Natural persons" > "Category: Particuliers/Individuals" > Language: Dutch, French or German.

  • I am married or in a legal cohabitation but I cannot complete the codes for my partner. What can I do?

    If you are married or in a legal cohabitation, you must introduce a joint tax return with your partner. For most of the codes, you will have to fill in two columns.

    If you only see one column in the return, this means that we are not aware of your marriage or legal cohabitation. We therefore invite you to regularise your situation.

    You must submit your return by mail. You will be able to submit your return online next year (if you have regularised your situation).

  • How do I get an estimate of the tax amount I owe?

    Before sending your return, click on “Calculate your tax” in the menu at the top of the screen.

    Warning, it only is an estimate.  In some cases, the final calculation of your tax indicated in your tax assessment notice (calculation note) may be different.

    You don’t see any display on your screen? Your browser is probably blocking pop-ups. Open the pop-up via the notification at the top or bottom of your screen or change your browser settings.

    In some specific cases, we cannot calculate the tax amount you owe at the moment. This has no impact on your tax return, so you can submit it without delay.

  • Can I add or change my account number in my non-resident income tax return?

    You get access with authentication and you enter your return

    You can add or change your account number in MyMinfin.

    You get access without authentication and you enter your return

    For security reasons, you cannot enter your account number in the return without getting authentication first.

    In both cases, you can add or modify your account number when you receive your tax assessment notice (the procedure will be mentioned on the document).