Representation abroad

Customs authorities' representation

  • Belgian customs authorities' representation abroad - Customs attachés

    The General Administration of Customs and Excise (GAC&E) has an international network of four customs attachés who are attached to the Belgian embassies in the 5 BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia.

    They represent the Belgian customs authorities in the diplomatic services, public administrations, businesses and private individuals in the country of their employment.

  • How can the customs attachés be of service?

    The customs attachés have an important economic function and can offer support and useful information with regard to customs and excise regulations. Examples include taxes due on import and import procedures.


    They are also in direct contact with the customs services in the country of their establishment and have an extensive network there. Having their affiliated administration in the country of employment, they also participate in several customs related projects such as projects to secure and facilitate trade.

  • How can you contact the customs attachés?

    You can contact the customs attachés directly via the contact data below. They will always try to help you as best they can.

    Brazil (Belgium - 3 hours winter/- 5 hours summer)

    Mrs Carine WILLEMS
    Customs attaché - Adida Aduaneira
    Embassy of Belgium - Embaixada da Bélgica
    Avenida das Nações – Lote 32
    Setor de Embaixadas Sul – QD 809
    704220-900 Brasília - DF (Brazil)
    Tel: +55 61 34431133
    GSM: +55 (61) 98249 7832
    E-mailadres: (link sending an e-mail)

    Brazil (Belgium + 4.5 hours winter/+ 3.5 hours summer)

    Mrs Babette DESFOSSEZ
    Customs Attaché
    Embassy of Belgium
    50-N Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    110021 New Delhi
    Tel: +91 11 42428030
    GSM: IN: +91 95 6079 4442
    GSM: BE: +32 4707 63217

    China, Hongkong and Macau (Belgium + 7 hours winter/+ 6 hours summer)

    Mrs Isabelle BEDOYAN
    Customs Attaché
    Embassy of Belgium
    6 San Li Tun Lu
    Beijing 100600
    Tel: +86 136 8148 3272 
    Fax: +86 10 8446 6707
    E-mail: (link stuurt een e-mail) 

    China and Belarus (Belgium + 2 hours winter/+ 1 hour summer)

    Mr Robin MACHIELS
    Customs Attaché
    Embassy of Belgium
    Ulitsa Malaya Molchanovka 7
    115127 Moscow
    mobile phone: +7 963 664 50 59

    Indonesia (Belgium + 6 hours winter/+ 5 hours summer)

    Mr Eddy DE CUYPER
    Customs Attaché
    Embassy of Belgium
    Deutsche Bank Bld, 13th floor
    Jl. Imam Bonjol 80,
    Jakarta 10310
    mobile phone:  +62 81 1182 1030
    E-mail address:

    Economic operators, customs agencies, shipowners, trade unions, other public authorities and private individuals may contact these customs attachés directly for any information they wish to obtain.