Financial sanctions

Financial sanctions are restrictive measures taken against the government of third countries, persons or entities (such as terrorist organisations) in order to stop several types of criminal behaviour.

They are often part of a larger system of sanctions which also includes other restrictive measures such as for instance embargos on the importation and exportation of some products (such as weapons or nuclear technology) or limitations as regards visa or travel.

Sanctions can be decided at different levels:

  • international;
  • european;
  • national

In practice

The General Administration of Treasury is the competent authority for granting authorisations for derogations as regards the financial sanctions.

If you have questions, you can send an email to the following address

The consolidated list of the Belgian national list and the list of European Sanctions.

You can find the updated list here.

Andhere for the XML version.

The General Administration of Treasury is in charge of:

  • requests for derogation as regards the freezing of funds;
  • publication of Royal Decrees for the national terrorist list;
  • immediate publication of Ministerial Decrees;
  • handeling of information;
  • checking the cases of homonymy