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How to apply for a derogation from freezing assets?

The General Administration of Treasury can grant on request derogations from financial sanctions.

The financial and non-financial institutions are obliged to check if they have funds on behalf of persons and entities concerned by the regulations. In this case, they must apply the imposed freezing measures and inform immediately the Treasury of that fact. The aforementioned institutions must also tell the General Administration of Treasury if they keep funds on behalf of these persons and entities.

With each new addition of persons or entities, each institution must analyse them in order to determine if they keep funds on behalf of these persons or entities.


The requests as regards the authorisation for the release or transfer of funds and economic assets must mention the following information: 

  1. The regulation and the article concerned
  2. The identity of the debtor/instructing party
  3. The identity of the creditor/beneficiary
  4. The amount and the currency unit for which the release is requested;
  5. The motive for the request for derogation;
  6. The data as regards the banks and the institutions concerned by this operation;
  7. The date of the agreement, the convention or the obligation pursuant to which the payment is possibly due;
  8. The supporting documents allowing the General Administration of Treasury to carry out checking (for instance a copy of the invoice);
  9. In case of transfer of goods - the description of the nature of the goods (for instance the information sheet)
  10. In case of transfer of weapons or dual use goods, the following authorisations:
    • For the Flemish Region: Internationaal Vlaanderen, Boudewijnlaan 30 - bus (PO Box) 80
      1000 Brussels;
    • For the Walloon Region: Direction générale opérationnelle de l'Economie, de l'Emploi et de la Recherche-Direction des Licences d'Armes, Place de la Wallonie 1, 5100 Namur (Jambes);
    • For the Region of Brussels Capital: External Relations Directorate Licence Cell, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 20, 1035 Brussels


In order to improve the security of your information, we now ask you to make all your requests via MyMinFin.

If you have access to one of the Belgian authentication methods (eID, Itsme, TOTP), you only have to log into MyMinFin and follow the procedure “Faire une demande via MyMinFin/Make a request via MyMinFin”.

Make a request via MyMinFin

  • In MyMinFin, on the home page, click on the tab “Mes interactions/My interactions”.
  • Then choose “ Soumettre un document ou répondre à un courrier/Submit a document or reply to a letter”.  Enter code 651 in the cell. Then click “ SUIVANT/NEXT”.
  • Finally, you can submit the document containing your question in the space provided for this use.
    NB : you must not fill in the field “Référence SPF Finances reprise dans le courrier/FPS Finance reference included in the letter“. The field “Informations complémentaires/Additional information” is optional.
  • Click afterwards on “SOUMETTRE/SUBMIT”
  • We will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Please note that this reply can be consulted in MyMinFin, via the tab “Mes documents/My Documents” .

If you do not have access to one of the Belgian authentication methods, we ask you to go to ForReg, so that we can assign you a user name and password in order to give you access to MyMinFin.

You can get access to the procedure ForReg by following [this link].

Once in the ForReg application, select “Financial sanctions” in the drop-down menu and follow the procedure.

The assets frozen in Belgium can never be released without the authorisation of the General Administration of Treasury.

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