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Beware of e-mails that redirect you to your eBox


E-mails informing you that you have an unread message in your eBox have been recently spreading.

This message informs you that you are entitled to a refund from the FPS Finance.

Warning! When you receive an e-mail in which an action is clearly required from your part, never click on the link of this e-mail, but check on the official website of the sender in order to see if this action is really required.

If you receive an e-mail informing you that you have a new message in your eBox, be extremely careful and do not click on the link.

Instead, check your eBox itself or with the institution that is supposed to have sent the message to your eBox, e.g. the FPS Finance via MyMinfin.

More information about fraudulent e-mails on our “phishing” page.

Below is an example of a fraudulent e-mail:

(*We have not yet identified any cases of similar e-mails in French. We however invite French-speaking users to be very vigilant)