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What do the icons in front of the error messages mean?

In Intervat there are various types of error messages.  These can be classified into three categories:

erreur bloquante

Blocking error

For example, if you do not fill in box 71 or 72 in a periodic return:

You have to correct this error in order to continue to the next step.
avertissement à justifier

Warning to be justified

For example, if your periodic return has inconsistencies in boxes 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 59.

You can:

  • either correct the error
  • or not to correct and justify the irregularity (you may be contacted by one of our employees if they consider that your justification is not sufficient)
  • or not to correct and not to justify the irregularity (you will be then automatically contacted by one of our employees).

To add a justification, click on justification. The limit of characters for a justification amounts to 425.

In order not to justify, tick the box case à cocher pour ne pas donner de justification.


For example, if you fill in a turnover intended for small businesses in a customer list when you are not in this system:

You can take the warning into account or not.