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What is Biztax?

What is Biztax?

  • Who can use Biztax?

    All persons who are required to file the following types of return on behalf of an enterprise or legal entity:

  • What allows Biztax?

    The Biztax application allows you to file corporate income tax, income tax on legal entities and corporate/non-resident income tax returns:

    • encoding one return at a time
    • loading a maximum of 25 returns simultaneously via a file created by external software
  • What are the features of Biztax?

    • Estimating your tax amount
    • Entering returns made with external software
    • Saving unfinished returns (before filing)
    • Viewing and modifying filed returns
  • Can I still file my paper return?

    No. You are required to file your corporate income tax, your corporate/non-resident income tax as well as your income tax on legal entities returns online.  You will therefore not receive a paper return form.

    Possible exemption

    You can get an exemption from the obligation of sending the return electronically only if you or your representative do not have the necessary computer tools to comply with this obligation.

    In this case, you must send each year a written and signed request to your taxation office, which will afterwards send you a paper return form. Be aware that the time limit for sending your return is not extended in this case.