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You are going on a holiday and you want to bring souvenirs for yourself, your family and friends?

You are allowed to do so, but there are certain rules!

Bear in mind the following if you want to bring souvenirs from your trip:

  • There are restrictions on the amount of cash money you are allowed to carry

  • Under certain conditions, it is allowed to take your pet.

  • There are souvenirs that may be harmful to endangered animal or plant species (like ivory statues and jewellery, handbags and shoes made of reptile skin or jewellery and decorations made of coral).

  • Some souvenirs may also be hazardous to your health, your safety or the economy: counterfeit goods.

The do’s and don’ts can be found in the brochure:  'Travel wisely' (PDF, 3.33 MB)

The Customs authorities regularly receive comments from travellers that their luggage has been opened. However, we wish to inform travellers that, if we proceed to a search through their luggage, THIS WILL ALWAYS BE DONE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE OWNER/TRANSPORTER.