From 1 September 2021 we will receive you in all our offices again, but by appointment only.


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Library open again all days

The library is open daily between 9am and 16.00pm without appointment until further notice.

Library open without appointment

The library is open daily between 9am and 12.30pm without appointment until further notice.

Beware of e-mails that redirect you to your eBox

E-mails informing you that you have an unread message in your eBox have been recently spreading. This message informs you that you are entitled to a refund from the FPS Finance.

Overgangsmaatregel douaneformaliteiten Brexit

The Withdrawal Agreement provided an arrangement for the Union status of goods that started transport before the end of the tra

New bimonthly e-magazine “Customs Focus”

Would you like to be kept up to date with our latest news messages? Then subscribe to our bimonthly e-magazine "Customs Focus". All the news messages of the past months will be clearly listed for you (in French)!

Mutual agreement procedure: FPS Finance's efforts rewarded by the OECD at the world level

On November 18th 2020, the OECD gave the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) Awards to recognise the efforts of competent authorities in resolving international double taxation.

Intellectual property rights - EORI-number required for right-holders and representatives

Since 15 September 2020, the new Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1209 of 13 August 2020 has entered into force. Starting on 15 September 2020, the following two elements will as a result change:

Procedures in the UK

After the end of the transition period, many operators will be confronted with formalities in the UK in addition to European custom legislation and Belgian procedures.

UPDATE COVID 19: Changes to goods codes used when declaring an additional national code for face masks

As from 3 October 2020, the European Commission will make changes to the TARIC database to make a clearer distinction between the different types of face masks. Since 19 May 2020 an additional national code has been mandatory for importing and exporting face masks.

The digital Information Sheets (INF) system (INF SP system) could not start on 1 June 2020

Belgium, like other Member States as Finland or The Netherlands, has not been able to implement the SP-INF system on the first of June. This means that the Belgian companies will still use paper INF documents after 01-06-2020. These paper INF will be dealt with in the usual way.