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Interested in a pilot project?

The GAC&E supports 3C'S in Belgium

Your company has a Customs Competence Center (3C) in Belgium and wants to enter into a close cooperation with the GAC&E?

After setting up a number of successful pilot projects (early 2019), the GAC&E will continue to actively support Customs Competence Centers in Belgium in the future. We have the will and ambition to offer 3Cs a specific service. For this we are constantly looking for candidate companies.

More specifically, we are looking for companies that meet the following profile. Your company:

  • Is AEO authorised;
  • Has its own 3C in Belgium;
  • Manages and coordinates customs and related matters from its 3C for the activities of the company in at least 2 member states of the European Union (including one being Belgium);
  • Does not provide services as a main activity or only provides relevant services within one specific organization.

Your company meets these conditions and is motivated to participate in this story? Then we expect your application. In your candidacy we expect a short introduction of your 3C as well as its location and functioning within the company. We also expect to know your motivation as to why you want to participate in this project. Your application is welcome via e-mail at

Please note that during the year there are only two entry moments:

· 1 March (Deadline application date: 15 February)

· 1 October (Deadline application date: 15 September)

These entry moments will be accompanied by a short introduction session to familiarize you with how the service works.

For any additional information, please send an e-mail to and we will contact you shortly.