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Mission of Customs

Customs is responsible for protecting society and promoting international trade by managing the external borders and ensuring the security of the logistics chain.

We are committed:

  • to ensure the safety of citizens
  • to protect the financial interests of the Community and its Member States by collecting and controlling import duties, excise duties and VAT upon importation
  • to protect the Community against unfair and illegal trade and promote legitimate economic activities
  • to increase the competitiveness of European businesses through modern working methods supported by an easily accessible electronic customs environment.

To carry out these tasks, we cooperate nationally and internationally with other public authorities and mainly other law enforcement services in the fight against fraud, organised crime and terrorism.

The excise authorities are responsible for the collection and control of, among other things:

  • products subject to excise duty in Belgium, such as coffee and non-alcoholic beverages
  • excise goods which have been harmonised at Community level, i.e. energy products, alcohol and alcoholic beverages and manufactured tobacco.