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BE-Gate is an initiative developed by Belgium’s customs and excise department. Its goal is to propose efficient solutions in the context of the development of e-commerce. Economic operators active in e-commerce can use BE-Gate for the import and export of goods.

    BE-GATE makes it possible for you, concerning e-commerce, to submit a big amount of arrival notifications through one simple transaction with a customs-approved data file. For consignments less or equal to  €22, this file can also be used as a declaration of release for consumption. For consignments above € 22 a additional declaration has to be submitted in PLDA.
    The results of the selection (packagages that have to be presented to customs) will be sent automatically to the declarant, containing all the information of the selection, line-by-line.
    When it is not possible to determine the customs value by the transaction value or secondary methods, the BE-GATE system will propose an alternative based on reasonable means.

    BE-GATE can also be used for export, for consingments with a value of less than 1000 € and weighing less than 1000 kg; for other cases, a additional declaration has to be submitted in PLDA.
    • Secured connection
    • Specifically adapted to manage big amounts of data
    • Fast treatment of simplified declarations of release for consumption
    • Fast and computerized communication of packages selected for control
    • Immediate release of all packages that are not selected for control
    • Used for both import and export
    • Concrete proposal for the determination of the customs value by a method based on reasonable means
    • Cost: 0 euro.

    Economic Operators active in the e-commerce market

    • Registered office in Belgium
    • Having a statute of customs agent
    • Having a temporary storage facility or a place approved as a customs warehouse
    • Having an authorization for the use of a simplified declaration
    • Having a comprehensive guarantee

    The use of the BE-gate decision, initially connected to the transition period during which the modalities of the CCC TDA (Transitional Delegated Act) are active, is intended to subsequently adapt to changes in the regulation.

    The following goods are excluded for the use of the BE-gate decision:
    • Products subject to excise duty
    • Goods subject to licenses
    • Goods subject to restrictions and control measures

    BE-GATE can be used for the following customs regulations: free circulation, customs warehousing and outright exportation.

    Disclaimer: this document is a summary for informational purposes. Only the European Union’s Union Customs Code is
    deemed authentic.