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How to import through a Belgian seaport

Currently, because the UK has left the EU, goods from the UK are subject to customs formalities, controls, import duties and possibly other measures.

Which are the procedural requirements for import?

When goods coming from non-EU-countries are brought into the customs territory of the Union, the following steps will have to be taken before declaring or re-exporting the goods:

  • the lodging of an entry summary declaration (ENS),
  • the arrival of the goods,
  • the presentation of the goods to customs, and
  • the placing of the goods under the temporary storage procedure.

The ENS will be lodged electronically and includes all information that is necessary in order to make a security and safety risk analysis. 

Non-Union goods are under ‘temporary storage’ from the time they are presented to customs until they are placed under a customs procedure or re-exported.