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Flemish Region: unique parcel map


This project embodies the cooperation agreement of May 2014, between the GAPD (General Administration of Patrimonial Documentation) and the FGIA (former Flanders Geographical Information Agency), with the aim of setting up an efficient exchange of information on parcels, buildings and addresses between the two organisations, in order for the products of both organisations (GRB (the Large-scale Reference Database) and CADGIS) to be derived from the same common information and to avoid duplicate record-keeping.

With respect to content

During this project, for a period of three years (2018 - mid-2021), the GAPD will incorporate the geometry of the administrative parcels (ADP) from the GRB and as such, replace the geometry of the cadastral parcels (Bpn_CaPa) (after corrections) in the cadastral parcel map (CadGIS).

During the ‘incorporation’ process, we will detect errors in the administrative parcel layer related to geometry or parcel numbers, and correct them as required. The incorporation is carried out by municipality, in accordance with a prepared schedule.

You can follow the planning for the different municipalities via: planning Unique parcel map GAPD ( table (XLSX, 20.75 KB)) ( map (PDF, 4.83 MB)).


The end result of this project will be one (unique) parcel map with, for each cadastral parcel, an approximate vectorial representation of location and shape, usable in a scale range of 1/250 - 1/5000. The aim is a geometric accuracy of parcel boundaries in line with the European INSPIRE recommendations, being 1 metre in urban areas and 2.5 metres in rural areas. It is important to stress that the parcel geometry in this map is not a substitute for the legal surveyor and demarcation plans.

As soon as the GAPD has incorporated the administrative parcels (ADP) from the GRB, it will continue to manage them according to specific agreements between the two organisations. The representation of buildings on the cadastral parcel map will be replaced by data provided by the region. The (unique) parcel map is the direct source for the cadastral parcels (Bpn_CaPa) in CadGIS and the administrative parcels (ADP) from the GRB.