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Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is the tax paid by heirs on an estate. It is calculated on the net value of the immovable property (house, land etc.) and movable property (cash, furniture, jewellery, etc.) left by deceased persons after deducting their debts. It is also calculated on transfers that are treated in the same way as death (notional legacies under Articles 4 to 11 of the Inheritance Tax Code [Wetboek der successierechten - W.Succ. | Code des droits de successions - C.Succ] and Articles to of the Flemish Tax Code [Vlaamse Codex Fiscaliteit - VCF]).

The body authorised to collect the tax depends on the region.

  • In the Flemish Region, it is the Flemish Tax Administration.
  • In the Brussels Capital Region and the Walloon Region, it is the FPS (Federal Public Service) for Finance.