Submitting your tax return

Submitting your 2020 tax return

  • How and when do I submit my tax return?

    You receive a proposed simplified tax return

    Check your details carefully.

    • Are your details correct and complete? You do not need to take any action. You will receive your assessment notice automatically.
    • Are your details incorrect or incomplete? Amend your details:
      • either via the paper reply form, which must reach us by 30 June 2020 at the latest;
      • or via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web), by 16 July 2020 at the latest.

    You submit your tax return yourself

    • In paper format: we must receive your tax return by 30 June 2020 at the latest.
    • Via Tax-on-web, for which you have until 16 July 2020.

    You have your tax return filled in by an employee from the Federal Public Service (FPS) for Finance

    • We can help you over the telephone on +32 25755666 (number used only for making an appointment to have the tax return filled in). All on-site sessions for filling in tax returns have been cancelled. This year you will not be able to fill in your tax return in an office or municipal building.
    • You should call as soon as you receive your tax return. Don’t wait until the last minute!
    • Important: we will no longer be able to offer you assistance after 30 June 2020!

    You instruct a professional (e.g. accountant) to fill in your tax return

    • The professional instructed by you can submit your tax return via Tax-on-web by 22 October 2020 at the latest.
    • Important: if you instruct a professional (e.g. accountant) to amend your proposed simplified tax return, you have until 16 July 2020 (via Tax-on-web).
  • Need some help?

    Try the online tax return: it’s simple and fast

    Do you intend to submit a paper tax return? Did you know that your online tax return via Tax-on-web is largely pre-completed? Moreover, did you know that Tax-on-web provides you with step-by-step guidance on filling in certain codes by even calculating the amount to be filled in?

    More information

    See our FAQ

    You will also find more information in the various sections of the website: Woning (Housing and accommodation)Gezin (Family)Vervoer (Transport)Belastingvoordelen (Tax reliefs).

    See the explanatory document for tax returns

    More information

    Use the application for foreign income

    Do you receive foreign income from France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain or Germany (from real property or professional activities)? Use our application to determine:

    • how you must declare this income in your tax return (personal income tax return);
    • the country in which this income will be taxed;
    • whether this income is subject to municipal tax.

    Get in touch with our Contact Centre

    Do you have a general question about your tax return? If so, you can get in touch with our Contact Centre by telephone or via the web form.

    More information

    Have your tax return filled in by our staff

    We can help you over the telephone.

    More information

    Engage the services of a professional

    You can engage the services of a professional (e.g. accountant) to fill in and send your tax return.

    More information 

  • How can I amend my tax return?

    Have you submitted your tax return but realised that you have made a mistake or forgotten to provide some details?

    Did you submit your tax return via Tax-on-web?

    Until 16 July 2020, you can amend your tax return yourself via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web) (once only).

    Did you submit a paper tax return?

    Contact us as soon as possible to correct the mistake.

  • How can I file the tax return of a deceased person?
  • Can I request more time to submit my tax return?

    It is not possible to request more time (even if there is a problem with your identity card and/or you have forgotten your PIN code).

  • What happens if I submit my tax return late?

    You may receive a fine or a tax increase.

    In addition, we may initiate the ex-officio assessment procedure. With an ex-officio assessment, we have 3 years to calculate your tax or change the calculation.

  • How can I anonymously simulate the calculation of my taxes?
    You can do this online via Tax-Calc.
  • How do I check if I have submitted my tax return correctly?
    • Go to and log in.
    • Click on ‘Mijn aangifte / Mijn voorstel van vereenvoudigde aangifte’ (My tax return / My proposed simplified tax return).
  • I ‘bought back’ my years of study in order to receive a higher pension. How do I declare the contributions that I have paid?

    Declare the amount of the contributions paid in 2019 in code 1257/2257 (box IV, A, 17). That amount is stated on a certificate that you will receive from the Federal Pension Service.

    You will then benefit from a tax deduction.

    More information about ‘buying back’ study years on the website of the Federal Pension Service

  • How do I declare the withholding tax withheld on my exempted dividends?

    You can set off the withholding tax withheld on your exempted dividends against your personal income tax.

    To do so, enter the withholding tax withheld on those exempted dividends in code 1437/2437.

    You can only offset withholding tax in respect of a maximum of EUR 800 in dividends. Since the maximum rate for withholding tax is 30%, you can therefore recover a maximum of EUR 240 of withholding tax deducted (EUR 800 x 30%).  It is therefore best to opt for the exemption of dividends to which the highest withholding tax rate has been applied.

    More information about the exemption for dividends