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Tax return via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web)

Your online 2021 tax return via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web)

  • Can I submit my tax return online?

    Yes. Even if you have received a paper tax return, your online tax return is always available. You can submit your tax return easily and quickly thanks to the pre-completed details and online guidance.

    If you have received a proposed simplified tax return (in paper format), you can also consult and amend it online.

    Will you and your partner have been de facto separated for less than a year on 1 January 2021 and each want to file a separate tax return? This is not possible via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web). Contact your Centre for private individuals to receive a paper tax return. (When you do so, have your identity card at the ready as you will need your national number.)

  • When am I required to submit my tax return online?

    You must submit your tax return online by 20 July 2021 at the latest.
  • How do I access my online tax return?

    Either via itsme®

    • Download the itsme® application (via the AppStore or Google Play).
    • Activate your itsme® account using your identity card or bank card.
    • Log in to MyMinfin using your itsme® code or your fingerprint and complete your tax return.
    • Do you have a question about itsme®? Access problem? First look at the FAQ about Did you not find an answer there? Contact the itsme® help desk via the web form.

     Or using a card reader and your identity card

    • You will need a card reader and the PIN code of your identity card (code given on the invitation from the municipal administration that you received to collect your new identity card).
    • Download the eID software.
    • To complete your tax return, log in to MyMinfin by inserting your identity card into the card reader and then entering your PIN code.
    • Do you have a question about the procedure? Access problem? First take a look at our FAQ. Did you not find an answer there? Contact us.
  • I have forgotten my PIN code or it has been blocked. What can I do?

    Do you still have your PUK code? This is the code that is mentioned together with the PIN code on the invitation that you received to collect your identity card.
    If so, go to the municipality with your identity card and your PUK code. You will immediately receive a new PIN code.
    If not, request a new hard copy of both codes:

    In both cases, the codes will be sent to your municipality within 3 weeks. You can then go and pick them up in person.

  • How can I do a Tax-on-web presentation for training purposes?

    ‘Tax-on-web Training’ is a specific environment within Tax-on-web that allows you to simulate the filing of a tax return for training purposes.

    Teachers and trainers can easily create one or more profiles here and fill in an unlimited number of tax returns.