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Commitments by federal administrations

Commitments by the Federal Public Service Finance

  • Transparency

    Through our websites, social media and our e-desk MyMinfin, we ensure transparency of:

    • information 
    • services
    • procedures
    You can rely on transparency on: 
    • the steps of the procedures
    • their duration
  • Quality of the information and clear texts

    Our information is: 
    • correct 
    • reliable
    • regularly updated
    Our language is: 
    • clear 
    • precise
    • comprehensible

    We wish to make it easy for everyone to conduct his or her interactions and transactions online. This is why we make as much tax, financial and patrimonial information as possible available online in a secure manner and with respect for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We aim for an innovative and easily accessible public administration, where information can be easily found and understood.

    Staff members are trained to ensure the readability of their texts.

  • Deadlines

    Deadlines are always communicated:
    • the deadlines specified by regulation
    • other deadlines 
    We observe the legal deadlines for reply. In all other cases, we try to reply to you within a reasonable period of time.
    We do everything we can to make this commitment a reality. Sometimes we fail to do so, especially in periods where many citizens contact our FPS, e.g. during the filing period for personal income tax returns. We continue to take a critical look at our activities and make adjustments in order to handle all your questions correctly and within the agreed deadline, even at busy times.
    If a deadline is extended (due to unforeseen circumstances), the new deadline will be communicated. 
    You are always able to find out which deadline applies to you.
  • Availability

    While the focus is on digital channels, our services should also remain accessible to those who lack digital resources and skills. 

    For this reason, we opt for automated services that do not require a citizen to take any action. 

    If this is not possible, we offer alternative and nearby service channels that help non-digital citizens to go through their administrative matters.


    Our services are essentially digital. 
    You can access them: 
    • 24/7 
    • 7 days a week 
    These services are fast, easy and safe! 
    You can consult your tax and patrimonial file and manage most of your administrative matters via our e-desk
    This platform allows you, among other things, to: 
    • submit your tax return (via Tax-on-web) 
    • change your bank account number 
    • apply for a repayment plan 
    • download, consult or print your documents (e.g. your tax assessment notice)
    • pay your (tax or non-tax) debt 
    • consult your lease contract 
    • consult your cadastral income 
    • request a cadastral extract 
    • consult your dormant assets 
    • reply to a letter that you received from our FPS 
    Did you activate your eBox and provide an e-mail address? If a new document for which our FPS sends an eBox message is available in MyMinfin, you will receive an e-mail notification.
    You can find answers to your questions on our website The various topics have been listed in FAQs.
    The ‘CONTACT’ section for private individuals contains also a tool that brings together the topics and questions for which citizens contact us most often. Thanks to this tool, you can easily find out which administrative steps to take and where you can find an answer to your questions. 
    In our fiscal and legal database Fisconetplus, you can consult Belgian legislation on all tax-related matters.
    Do you need help?
    You can contact a staff member in case of:
    • questions 
    • follow-up of a case
    We are happy to help you by phone.
    • Phone number 
      • +32 2 572 57 57 (standard rate) 
      • Every working day
      • From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Are you calling because of a letter that you received from our FPS? If so, check if there is a five- or ten-digit direct code under our phone number in that letter and enter that code when you call us. This will put you in immediate contact with a staff member who will be able to answer your question. 
    If we cannot help you by phone, we will make an appointment with you in one of our offices. 
    In order for you to avoid going to an office and losing time waiting in a queue, we only receive you in our offices when it is necessary and by appointment.
    Outside the opening hours, you can contact us: 
    Procedures are handled automatically when possible: you do not have to take any action.
    We focus on your ease of use first when developing our online applications. In doing so, we ensure that they are inclusive, safe and user-oriented. We offer support in using our digital applications. You can consult our help pages or contact us by phone.
    We listen to your specific situation.
    To the greatest extent possible and in accordance with the GDPR, we answer through your preferred channel.
    We use at most data already available from other public services (under the Only Once legislation).
    To the greatest extent possible, we direct you to the competent service if your request is beyond our competence.
    Our services are constantly evolving. Your feedback is used to improve the services.
    Every two years we organise a brand equity measurement among our target groups in collaboration with an external agency. The results of each measurement form the basis of a number of recommendations and concrete actions.
    In addition, we regularly gauge your satisfaction after a telephone conversation with a staff member or during the consultation of some pages on our website. 
    We also involve our target groups in the design of our projects.