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The General Administration of Treasury is composed of five operational departments:

The General Administration of Treasury also includes three central departments providing support to the operational departments:

The Belgian Debt Agency, a category A independent body.


The General Administration of Treasury is still pursuing its original mission of managing the Belgian Treasury. The Royal Decree of 3 December 2009 organising the operational departments within the Federal Public Service Finance, defines its area of competence as follows:

  1. Centralising the Federal Treasury's revenue and payments due;
  2. Managing the Deposit and Consignment Office, the National Securities Office, the dematerialisation of securities, funds, insurances and dormant assets, the Guarantee Fund and the Resolution Fund;
  3. Managing the State’s Treasury, the public debt, including cash flow forecasts, and issues with regard to the regulation of financial markets and services;
  4. Managing and coordinating financial relations (with the exception of tax matters) at bilateral, European and international (bilateral and multilateral) level, in the field of economic policy, trade and development;
  5. Managing the Royal Mint of Belgium and the Monetary Fund;
  6. Exercising all powers assigned by law, regulation and the Minister to the General Administration of Treasury or one of its civil servants.


The General Administration of Treasury intends to focus on:

  1. strengthening the key tasks;
  2. improving service quality;
  3. capacity building for policy preparation.

With regard to the implementation of these initiatives, the General Administration of Treasury strives for excellence in a constantly evolving environment, through:

  • continuous improvement;
  • adaptation to the needs;
  • efficiency, reliability and innovation in order to provide an appropriate answer to customers’ questions, in the execution of the administration’s tasks with regard to the management of the Federal State’s Treasury and the provision of technical advice to the Minister for Finance.