Strategic Expertise and Support


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support: 
  • is responsible for drawing up, coordinating, implementing and following up the regulations for matters falling within the competence of the FPS Finance;
  • contributes to the regulations drawn up by other regional, national and international authorities, in which the FPS Finance intervenes;
  • guarantees the preparation of the policy and carries out studies about the consequences of the policy options and the analysis of the implemented policy, including the macroeconomic aspects of the budget and tax policy;
  • manages all relevant information and information sources and puts them at disposal as well within the FPS as outside;
  • coordinates the international activities.


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support wants to:
  • provide the useful and necessary expertise and support to the policy makers to establish and develop their policy;
  • build a knowledge centre and to provide a framework for the operational expertise units, resulting therefore in a uniform and professional support and in an increased legal security;
  • represent an important tax, budget and economic research department, which identifies in detail the consequences of the policy, as well before as after making decisions;
  • aim at achieving a complete and built-in risk management within the FPS Finance through coordination and consultation;
  • be a central contact point for the FPS Finance’s international activities.


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support consists of:
  • 4 operational departments:
    • Regulations
    • Research Department
    • International Relations Coordination
    • Knowledge Centre
      • Fisconetplus
      • Library
  • 2 support departments:
    • Operational Coordination and Communication
    • General Administrator’s Department


General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support
Bd. du Roi Albert II 33, PO Box 22
1030 Brussels