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Strategic Expertise and Support


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support is in charge of : 
  • Drawing up, coordinating, implementing and monitoring legislation in matters falling within the competence of the Federal Public Service Finance;
  • Conducting studies on the impact of policy options and policy analysis;
  • Providing support for international investments and concluding tax-related headquarters agreements;
  • Managing and provisioning relevant information and information sources.


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support wants to:
  • Provide the useful and necessary support and expertise to the persons in charge of the policy to establish and develop the policy;
  • Represent an important centre of tax, budget and economic studies which identifies in detail the consequences of the policy, before as well as after taking decisions;
  • Provide support to foreign investors and international intergovernmental organisations that have their headquarters or a representation (mission, liaison office, etc.) in Belgium or that wish to set up there;
  • Build a centre of knowledge and to provide a framework for the operational expertise cells, resulting therefore in a professional and uniform support and an increase of the legal security.


The General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support consists of:
  • 4 operational departments:
    • Regulation Department
    • Research Department
    • Fiscal Coordination Service
    • Knowledge Centre
      • Fisconetplus
      • Library
  • 2 support departments:
    • Operational Coordination and Communication
    • General Administrator’s department


General Administration Strategic Expertise and Support
Bd. du Roi Albert II 33, PO Box 22
1030 Brussels